Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Seven Principles of Persuasive Presentation (part 5)

5. Principle of RECOGNITION

People often buy things because of REPUTATION and/or RECOGNITION. And of course, everyone buys things because of NAME RECOGNITION.

We buy things because of FAMILIARITY.


Because of the scientific principle of priming. It's that simple and it makes companies millions and billions of dollars every year.

Answer these questions without thinking...

What is your favorite soft drink?
What is your favorite brand of jeans?
What kind of pain reliever do you use?

Now, why do you drink the same soft drink over and over? You like the taste, right? Why do you buy the same jeans over and over? You like the fit, right? Why do you buy the same pain reliever over and over? You like the lack of pain, right?

In other words, you buy what you are FAMILIAR with. You buy because of the REPUTATION each of those has with you. You buy because you RECOGNIZE them.

We make many purchases because of that very reason.

KEYPOINT: We buy because of recognition, reputation and familiarity.

6. Principle of NECESSITY

Let's face it, sometimes you and I buy because we NEED to buy. When the tube of toothpaste is depleted, I amble on down to Wal-Mart and buy a new tube. I NEED toothpaste. When my electric bill comes in each month, I pay it. I NEED electricity. Every 3,000 miles (about once annually) I pay to have the oil changed in my car. Why? Because IT needs it! We buy a lot of things because we need to. That's the principle of necessity. You already knew that, I am sure.

But, did you know that you can CREATE need in your offers. And NO, I don't mean, "You need to buy my product now! You need what I've got! Buy from me, buy from me!" That won't get ya a sale EVER.

Let's recap what we've covered so far. We make purchases in large part because of...

...7 Principles of Persuasive Selling Presentations. They are...

  • The Principle of Emotion
  • The Principle of Value
  • The Principle of Expectation
  • The Principle of Referrals
  • The Principle of Recognition
  • The Principle of Necessity
And that brings us to number seven, the Principle of Presentation.

7. Principle of Presentation

People buy because of PRESENTATION.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT Principle of them all. Master this one and I assure you, you will make more sales than you could ever imagine. You and I buy things because of the way the offer is presented to us.


Why? Because with the proper presentation of your offer, you can conquer all six other principles at the same time. You can: trigger the emotion, provide value, build expectation, use referrals, become familiar and prove there is a need for your product.

All of the other six principles rest on this seventh.

It is the umbrella that covers them all. If you learn to present your offer the RIGHT way, then selling is the easy part.

So, what is the RIGHT way? That's what we are going to do at Influence: Boot Camp 2008. I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know about PRESENTING your offer. You are going to learn how to master each of these principles (and more) in ONE presentation.

Your offer itself (whatever product or service you are selling, for the price you are selling it) must be presented in such a way that it compels people to buy. PRESENTATION is just as important as the substance of your product or service...

In fact, it's probably more important. Why? Because no one will ever see your product or service until you present an offer that they must say "yes" to. As long as they can say "no" to your offer, as long as they can reject what you are "trying to sell them," then your substance doesn't do you a bit of good.

Presentation - that is the key. You've got to make it easier for them to say "Yes" than it is for them to say "No".

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