Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hiring the "Right" Speaker

Q. I've been planning meetings for almost 9 years. All of you professional speakers have the same line. "They are OK, but...I." You too?

A. I don't know. Fact is all speakers are different from each other.

You are faced with the almost impossible task of bringing in someone who will entertain, provide good content, inspire to action AND be safe. You are constantly on the line.

Those are the four criteria I take into account before coming to your group, convention, meeting, etc.

I imagine there are a lot of speakers that fulfill that. I've seen a lot of speakers I like. Gitomer, Tracy, Ziglar, Rohn. They all have their styles. All are pro's. All deliver.

I like to think I'm in that group.

I often wonder if any other speaker has been invited to the Million Dollar Round Table two years in a row. I'm told it has never happened. If that's true, then I let that speak for itself.

You don't get hired back to the most prestigious event on the planet without doing something right.

Checking out which is my personal home page and which is my "professional speaker" page, provides you with a look at a real person just like you, who busts his back side to overdeliver and make you look not just good, but like a genius.

Kevin Hogan