Monday, April 14, 2008

The Seven Principles Of Persuasive Presentation (part 4)

3. Principle of EXPECTATION

Herein lies a tremendous motivator for purchases. We buy based on what we expect to achieve from use of the purchase. In other words, we buy based on what we perceive will be the end result of that purchase. For example...

People buy exercise equipment because they EXPECT TO SEE THE RESULTS of weight loss, muscle tone and overall better health.

They buy grass seed because they EXPECT TO SEE THE RESULTS of a nicer lawn.

They buy cookbooks because they EXPECT TO SEE THE RESULTS of nice meals and desserts.

They buy movie tickets because they EXPECT TO BE entertained.

We make a great many purchases because we expect to see some kind of desirable outcome as a result of that purchase.

KEYPOINT: Don't attempt to sell the prospect your product, but rather the end result of using your product.

You aren't selling products or services, you are selling results. You are selling weight loss, not weigh loss pills. You are selling an education, not tuition. You are selling a romantic evening for two, not a candlelit dinner.

People buy because they want results. Want to sell more? Start approaching your offer from the end and not the beginning. Ask yourself a simple question... ..."What does the prospect want to achieve with my product?" Focus on the results.

4. Principle of REFERRALS

Many times we purchase based solely on a recommendation from a trusted friend, family member or associate.

Referrals are SO important in business but most people never get them.

We'll talk about this one in much more detail later and in-depth at Influence Boot Camp 2008.

(I'll even show you how to get these referrals for free!) I just want to introduce you to the idea now. People make purchases in a lot of cases simply because someone make a recommendation.

How many times have you bought something because someone suggested it?

I have bought a ton (literally) of books because one of a few trusted friends and colleagues have suggested that I do.

You've made similar purchases yourself.

Part 5 Coming Soon!