Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Read Their Minds (Part 1)

How would you like to be able to:

  • Cause people to make certain decisions instead of others, or

  • Simply say the right thing and have it trigger crucial emotions and thoughts necessary for you to hear "yes?"

"Mind control" is nothing short of exciting. The results of well-done research glisten like gold. Influence as an art is useful. As a science, it is indispensable.

We scientifically tested and re-tested about 30 brand new and some old experiments of mind control and persuasion at Influence: Boot Camp..

Many of the tests and experiments we did are based upon mentalism routines I often use to open up a presentation. They captivate immediately. People are fascinated when you can read their minds, tell them what happened in their past...with precision. And they literally think that psychic powers are possible because Kevin has them...(but I don't - no more than you do!).

Can You Literally Read Minds?

Pat Dillon is a wonderful real estate trainer who works on the east coast. And he was one of our Boot Camp participants. A question came up about "talking to the dead", and "telling a person their future". Pat was kind enough to let me "psychically" tell him these things:

  • That the someone special he was thinking about who had died was indeed his father,

  • That he died in a hospital of heart attack,

  • It was in a different city but not one far from his own home,

  • That he wasn't able to be with him but desperately wanted to be and,

  • That til this day a small amount of resentment existed by Pat toward the person who was able to be there, his brother.

  • He really wanted to be there. He couldn't.

At that point of the "reading" I stopped and reminded him that I am not psychic and I didn't want him to believe I was. The silence in the room, the looks of astonishment revealed minds that had been blown. It was undeniable evidence that I could read Pat's mind. But I couldn't. I could easily read his nonverbals, though.

"Talking to the dead" and reading minds is a teachable skill. In two days, I can show just about anyone how to "read someone's mind" or "tell them their past and future" with essentially no error.

The very same skills help develop the most persuasive messages.

What's the secret?

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